“Language creates a reality all its own (Isbister,1993)

Welcome to ENL Linguistics Course

I am so excited to teach the linguistics course! My goal is to incorporate technology to be able to communicate, collaborate and have healthy discussions. It is very important that you contribute to the discussion forum on the Ning after all the readings. The discussion forums, blogs, videos in the Ning will help you broaden your horizon and learn everything about the fundamentals of linguistics, language acquisition, and culture. I look forward to teach as well as learn from you!

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Dr. Poornima D'Souza

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Recommended Texts
Crystal, David. TheCambridgeEncyclopedia of Language.Second Edition. Press Syndicate of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge, UK: 2010 (CEL)
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The overview of linguistics:
Finegan, E. (2012). Language Its Structure and Use. (Sixth ed.). MA: Michael Rosenberg.

Documents for the course:
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