Session 4

English Use and Usage

Welcome to Session 4 of the EDUC 297-ENL Linguistics class
Readings: Linguistics for L2 Teachers
Ch.2– “Words and Dictionaries” (p. 17-30)
Ch.3– “English Use and Usage” (p.37-55)

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Watch this video New Dictionary Words for 2011 The video from the editor-at-large of Merriam-Webster explained how a word is entered into their dictionary

Resources and Links:

Linguascope Word presents with a different word every day in five languages! Click on the native speaker sounds and accompanying image, the widget adds a touch of multimedia language learning...

Erin McKean redefines the dictionary

Wordnik- the comprehensive online dictionary and language resource that provides dictionary and thesaurus content and more...
Lingrohas a dictionary with more than 8 million translations in 11 languages. Key in the word or webpage of your choice and get it translated. Lingro also defines English words and slangs. This is a great way for ENL students to learn the multiple meanings of words and the socialization of words.
Reverso is a great online multi-language dictionary for translation, definition, synonyms. The languages available are English,
French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese …
Words Like: Type in a word or phrase and it will come up with a list of related words and their corresponding definitions or just browse through cloud words...

Vocabulary and Spelling City: Over 42,000spelling words with customizable sentences and definitions.
Type in some words and enter them for the spelling test. The website will pronounce the word and then use it in context! This will give ENL students an opportunity to study on their own.
Wordia is a free visual, video dictionary having professionally created videos, explaining the meaning of a word and the usage, with the dictionary definition of the word.
Samosapedia : The definitive guide to South Asian Lingo ...explore Samosapedia and you find Hinglish spoken
Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases, which contained over 10.5 million definitions
Words Myth: a dictionary that had kid friendly definitions. Choose the level of dictionary you want either beginner, children, or advanced~ easy to read (the definitions are not in paragraph form) It also puts the word in a sentence and gives synonyms and other similar words. This could definitely be used by ENLs of all levels.
Interactive math dictionary that is very useful for speakers of second language
The Longman Interactive English Dictionary- The interactive way to Global Communication
The Internet Picture Dictionary - Free, online multilingual picture dictionary with interactive activities for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and ESL learners.
Oxford Picture Dictionary Interactive - language structure grouping vocabulary around themes to help provide meaning
Language change and path of change - The shifts in vowel pronunciation mark the biggest differences between Middle English and contemporary English -Listen to the sound clips in the website to trace vowel pronunciation from Middle to present-day English.
Dialects, Dictionaries, Translators
A Chart of Emotions that Have No Names in the English Language
Multi-lingual dictionary (79 languages)
Visual dictionary online you can also click on pronunciation, search by words or themes! This dictionary is kid friendly. You could pull up with your SmartBoard for extra visuals during a lesson.
English Grammar Quizzes:has a ton of short quizzes for ESL students including word order, subject-verb agreement, comparisons, correct punctuations, and many more.
Mysteries of Vernacular is an interesting site that is developing a series of videos about the history and nuances of the English language. The concept is similar to that of Words of the World. Mysteries of Vernacular will eventually have one video for every letter of the alphabet. For now there is just a few videos available.

Language and Literacy in Science Education: It is interesting to think that different subjects have different forms of language.This is what makes English that much harder to learn.

Cultural Differences

Watch this video about the Kakuma people coming to the United States and are learning about all the differences between Kakuma and the United States.

British accent vs the American
Slang is part of every language. Ellen, in this video discusses the slang we use in our language and the confusion it creates when understanding true academic language. This video enforces how difficult it is to fully understand the English language.


Stephen Fry
Check this animation to promote the continuous evolution of our much loved English language. Now we have a great argument when challenged about our grammar

Black English - Ebonics

Why do some people pronounce the word "ASK" as "AKS"